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  1. August 31, 2013 | Day 365

    I don’t know what to talk about.

    My day has been pretty insignificant, just another day at work with nothing really new. Working with Anthony is always nice because we spend a lot of time just chatting about life and things that are going on and what not. I had a pretty good day today too surprisingly. I didn’t have to serve to many people so that’s always good. I did forget a hair tie though so that wasn’t very good. After work, took the long way home, got the gas prices, and parked my car on the road. I made dinner, watched tv in the living room for a bit, and now back upstairs to my room to type this.

    I’ve been at this for the past 45 minutes trying to decide what to do for my last day. I was going to go through the past year and do another “What were my favourite days.” It’s definitely a lot harder without all the daily pictures and stuff and just to pick them out. I’m gonna try just to pick one day for each month.

    September: Ivan turning 25 and spending the whole day with him while he wore a giant button saying “25th Birthday”

    October: Carving pumpkins.

    November: Movember and spending a lot of money in getting myself new room furniture.

    December: Christmas and buying toys to donate.

    January: Skating at Vic Park and taking my dad with me.

    February: Spending a weekend completely off to hang out in Toronto.

    March: The Walking Dead mid season finale! WHYYY!!!

    April: Finally nice weather and being able to sit at Victoria Park and relax.

    May: Finally doing Driver’s Ed

    June: My parents leaving for HK to attend my uncle’s funeral, renovating the living room, and getting my G2 license.

    July: Getting my first car!

    August: Being able to look back and read and see all the good times I had this year (and some of the bad times) and being able to reflect and remember that this was a good year and next year can only be better.

    Time for bread. Tune in tomorrow!

  2. August 30, 2013 | Day 364

    Woke up early again since I slept enough, got ready, had some breakfast, finished getting ready and headed to work. Again, work was dreadful because gas was expensive and it was just slow and I just hated everything. Did I say I hate my job? Yup! So I’m at work, just sat around even and served customers. Just not caring what so ever. At one point, there was a customer that came in with a car wash from March meaning it expired sometime in June… So I told him the best I could do for him is give him the with gas price for his car wash. He then says “So if I get some gas?” I told him “he doesn’t have to” but he says “That’s fair”, gets gas, comes in, I ask him which car wash he wanted, and then he doesn’t want to pay for his car wash….what? He then goes on to tell me that we lost a customer for 9 dollars and that it’s not my fault but this is stupid and Shell as a company is bad and what not and I’m just not giving him a fuck and telling him how it is when he ask me what about people that go on vacation “Then they shouldn’t have gotten a car wash”. I’ve never seen this guy before and this guy most likely pays at the pump all the time so whatever. Either way, I get paid. Not. A. Single. Fuck. I also witnessed a small little bratty girl ask a bunch of questions and dad didn’t give a fuck and then she goes and squeezes the shit out of a chocolate bar. I almost yelled at her with full force…. But I didn’t because I’m sure I would of been fired and she would of cried. Nancy got to work, I ate lunch, it got slightly better because I like working with Nancy and I get to walk away from the counter and do what I need to do. We chatted for a bit, I did some chores around the store, what not. Just a regular day more so when Nancy got to work. Nancy also shared some of her fresh carrots from her garden! They were SO good! So sweet and delicious, om nom nom. Which means I can eat junk food when I get home.

    Got to leave, came home, had a cupcake, called mom, chatted with her for a bit, looked in the fridge, looked at some left overs and noticed that Ivan and Amanda decided to make one of the pizzas that I bought the other day…. WHAT?! NO! THAT’S NOT OKAY! I’m seriously not impressed. I bought them for myself had plans to make one tonight and one tomorrow. I’m sure this is something stupid to get worked up about but this comes down to the same rule as if you had roommates: if you didn’t buy it, don’t touch it! It’s NOT yours! Don’t eat it! Unless I went with you to the grocery store, talked about what to eat for the next few days, ask you if you wanted one, paid for it, and said ones yours, ones mine, DON’T TOUCH MY FOOD!

    Now YouTube and bread. Tune in tomorrow. Last day tomorrow too….dun dun dun.

  3. August 29, 2013 | Day 363

    Ahhh, sleeping in so good. Although there was a lot of waking up because I had to pee and I probably was done sleeping…haha. So I got up, went downstairs, tossed some tots into the toaster oven, then came back upstairs to shower and get ready. I had my breakfast, and then slowly got ready for the day. Parents already left to see the doctor and Ivan for work. It was nice to get ready with the house to myself and not having to talk to anyone…. Is that a bad thing? I really like being alone but hate it all at the same time. I just want mornings to myself, all the time. Don’t get in my way and I won’t karate chop you in the throat. I finished getting ready and headed off to work.

    Work started off okay, I wasn’t in the best of moods but I just tried to brush everything off and not take it too seriously. I really am starting to hate my job more and more and every day is a chore just to get there and work. I want to quit this job and get a full time job else where. Somewhere less gross…. To be completely honest, I want to work in retail. It’s not a glamorous job but it’s a better job then Shell. Sure, I could work my way up the ladder at Shell but I don’t want to be the person who’s on call 24/7 and possibly have to cover a random shift here and there. So work goes on, James ends up putting the Pepsi order away, putting away all the magazines, leaving me with the garbage and the old magazines. I was given to the task to sweep outside though. Boourns. Thankfully I didn’t have to do any of the garbage, but I did fill up all the squeegee buckets. It did start to rain at one point so I while outside sweeping at the pumps, I took my umbrella with me just in case and it was a good choice because by the time I wanted to go in, it was raining pretty hard. Rest of the day with Nancy went off with no surprise or negativity so that’s good. After work, Mom called me and I headed over to SuperStore to grab some bread for the house. Came home, showered, ate a bunch of fruit, pamper my face a little bit, watching some TV, and now just relaxing.

    That’s it! That was my day. I’m trying to decide how I’m going to journal my life this next year. I know I want to use Day One but I don’t know if I want to do a daily thing or not. I’m only going to type and do everything through my iPad and iPhone. I may just fork over the money for the App for the MacBook. I’m little sad that I can’t get it on my PC because it’s the main computer I use. Just a few more days to make the decision. We will see.

  4. August 28, 2013 | Day 362

    I almost slept in a little too much but just enough to get ready in time to actually leave and head out to McDonalds to get some breakfast. While eating my greasy breakfast, I realized that I was probably the youngest one sitting around eating breakfast….when I say youngest, I mean everyone else around me was an old man, sitting by themselves, reading the paper, and drinking their never ending coffee. After breakfast, headed to work and my goodness, it was very muggy out today. Work was the usual except when James gets a call, and then started doing things that were out of the ordinary… unlocking the 2nd door, and then closing the back door… DUN DUN DUUUUNN!! Someone important is coming to the store and I need to be on my best behaviour. So we had FOUR important big wigs come in which included Celine (TM), Jenn (DM), Daniel, and Ross. It wasn’t too bad because they only hung out for 10-15 minutes not even. Phew. The rest of the day wasn’t bad but I went from being tired to a lot of yelling and getting more stoked work will be over soon. Nancy gets to work, I shift off and it took me awhile to get all my stuff together but finally did and headed home.

    At home, I relaxed for a bit and just caught up on some YouTube and what not. I also started watching the VMAs. Yeah, I downloaded it because I wanted see the awful thing called Miley Cyrus. And N’Sync needed to be in my life. So I watched that for a bit and then headed over to Fitz Rays. I realized that I like being that asshole with the loud music and windows down. Thankfully it’s not like Top 40 or poppy music so… slightly cooler? Hahaha. I get there and only Mike and Aleem are there. Amanda, Marlee, and Adam show up after. And then someone new: Kyle! So today was another lovely day Where we made a lot of stupid jokes and it was a lot of me picking on Adam haha. We ate and it was delicious and yeah, just another fantastic day. A lot of laughs and just great. I definitely look forward to Wednesdays because work is super lame and I hate everything about it. JUST A GREAT NIGHT TONIGHT! It was also a lot shorter of a night since there was only 7 of us. I also bought a bunch of gum at work today since we got a new tub of gum so we all chewed some double bubble and blowing bubbles and Adam clearly sucks and doesn’t know how to do it. He tried though. When we got our bills, I also noticed I didn’t get charged for a pop so I actually told Amanda and she added on. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t pay for the pop even if it meant giving her a large tip. After food, we all went our own way home.

    I rocked out to In Fear and Faith on the way home and when I got home, Ivan was just leaving to go somewhere, don’t know where though. I sat in my car parked on the road calling my mom to see where she was because she wasn’t home yet. While sitting there, a police car shows up at the end of the road. I turn around to park on the drive way and then 3 other police car shows up…. not a clue what was going on but then I wondered how long it took for these guys to respond and get here. First one sirens on and rushing to the scene, and then the other 3 kind of just rolled up, lights on. Hopefully nothing serious. Now get ready for bread and go to bread. Tune in tomorrow!

  5. August 27, 2013 | Day 261

    I need to concentrate while watching YouTube videos and getting this done. So I went to bed pretty late last night but did get up all on my own at 9:30 which has become a usual thing for me even without work. I actually made plans with Abigaille today to hang out and see a movie so I actually had a reason to get up. Got up, got ready, I can’t remember if I had breakfast or not…. Either way! I got ready for the day, had some plans before going to the mall so I left a little early. I went over to Trade Secrets first because I wanted to get more of those no pump hair ties. I think I got like….5 this time around. I also bonded with the girl working there who’s very nice and we talked about nail polish, hair ties, and about our cars! We both own an Elantra GT, her’s is silver though. I should get to know her name next time I’m there. Oh, I also bought a hair mask by AG. Stoked to use it! I then wandered around the area, went to Sports Chek to find a pair of shoes (which do not exist anymore (sad face) and then I went to Winners just to look at stuff. From there, I left and headed to Masonville.

    Since I had some time to kill, I just wandered around the mall trying not to spend money (all of the money spent). I ended up at Forever 21 which is the biggest trap of them all and ended up with a awesome t-shirt (picture tomorrow maybe?) and I also tried on this dress.

    Thinking to myself it wouldn’t fit and why do I need this dress. I don’t have people to see or places to go. But it was also under $20….. I ended up with the dress and now I need places to go and people to see. Anyone want to take me out on a date? It was getting closer to movie time and to meet up with Abigaille so I went to Shoppers to get a bottle of water, some Nibs, and also bought hair mousse on sale! I was planning to get a new bottle but that shit be expensive and the exact one I wanted was on sale! Yay! Got that. Got my movie ticket, got my food, Abigaille met me there, and we went to see We’re The Millers! I’m surprised that it didn’t get good reviews through critics but it was definitely a very funny movie and totally awesome and glad I saw it. After the movie, I didn’t have any plans and neither did Abigaille so we did some shopping… MORE SHOPPING! It’s such a trap to be honest but it’s a good trap and I’m glad I fell for it.

    While shopping, we noticed a trend: Crosses, Skulls, and Camo. Super in this year guys. We spent an unhealthy amount of time in Claire’s because she had a gift card she wanted to use. We tried on head bands after head bands, looked at a bunch of stuff, and there are so many weird things in there that are so awful, they’re good and I feel bad for liking it. Like those super kawaii 3d phone cases! My god! All the Swag related things, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Hello Kitty, Moustaches, everything. Just everything. We wandered around the mall, looked at more things, sales, cute accessories, what not. We also ended up back at Forever 21 where Abigaille saw a dress and convinced me to try it on and I ended up liking it and purchasing it. It was totally a really good buy because IT WAS ON SALE! It was just over $10! WOOO! Such a good buy and it’s super adorable. On our last stop, we went to Bluenotes and I got myself three braided belts for only $5! Heck yeah! Oh, I also saw Rachel and Jasmine while at the mall! It was a surprise to see Rachel because she’s suppose to be in the US but she is back until next weekend (or this weekend…I can’t remember) and hopefully we’ll go hanging out and grab some lunch maybe before she goes back. We also went to American Eagle and Abigaille went to try something on and the guy working the changing room was so buff and something else. He was wearing a tanktop and the graphic on it was half moon half pizza. He then told me it has two of his favourite things mashed into one : space and pizza. And when he says space, he means getting high. He was also bored and decided to do a chin up on the friggin ledge of the door opening. My god. I didn’t know how to handle myself. If I didn’t have any shame, I would have jumped him right there and then.

    I then take Abigaille home because it was just about to start raining and I head home myself. At home, I had some dinner, then went through all my new purchases and clean laundry and cleaned up my closet area a little bit. I caught up on YouTube while doing so and it’s time for bread! TUNE IN TOMORROW!

  6. August 26, 2013 | Day 360

    Oh shit, I have 5 days left. I’m excited because that means I get to move onto Day One and use it via iPad/iPhone and maybe even le Macbook! Anyways, let’s begin.

    My day started off with the usual get ready and breakfast routine. I then finished getting ready, got dressed, and headed out with Sarah! We headed over to the Masonville area to go to Sports Chek to look at some shoes. No luck with shoes so we went to Masonville to hang out for a bit and go to the Apple Store! Yay! We went there in hopes to walk out with a new Macbook Pro for Sarah and we did! WOOO! So much excitement and it’s pretty sexy. The Macbooks now are slimmer and don’t come in a hefty 17” either haha. Afterwards, we took it to her car and then did some other shopping. We wandered around the mall looking at clothes and I was trying to find a nice shirt for mom to wear for Shadow and Michael’s wedding dinner in December. We found a very nice shirt at RW&Co and mom looks fantastic! SO cute. She was actually just in the full outfit and it’s very nice. Kind of jealous my mom looks that fabulous. I can’t wait til fall really hits and I can start wearing long sleeves, cardigans, and pants. Must become more fabulous in the days to come. And find more winter appropriate fabulous-ness. Afterwards, we just wandered around the mall looking at stuff and I didn’t buy anything although I managed to spend almost $2600…. Sarah doesn’t have the credit limit on her card and will be paying me back and mom’s top was a gift I guess. We then got some Starbucks and left the mall.

    At home, I had dinner and hung out with my mom for a bit before she left for work. Parents left for work and I was to fend for myself. I decided to paint my nails because that’s a thing I do every Monday. I started with a coral/pink and a neutral colour but didn’t like it because I’ve been wanting to paint my nails red for the longest time so I did. Classic red. While painting my nails the two times, I watched Rise of the Guardian and Megamind. I watch kids/animated movies because it’s something I don’t have to pay attention much to but still enjoy it. While doing my nails, I also got a surprise bacon delivery which was very nice of Amanda.

    It started with one piece and then two more pieces came! I wish this happened more often in life because it was a nice snack haha. After finally getting my nails done, I’ve caught up on YouTube in that time as well. My parents came home, we had one of those coconut Fruttare popsicles which were delicious and now just about to catch up on Pinterest and then bread! I made plans with Abigaille to see a movie tomorrow! Yay! Who needs Bob? So yeah! That! Bread! Tune in tomorrow!

  7. August 25, 2013 | Day 259

    It’s 2am…. I still haven’t written anything, HAHA! Super Quickie.

    • Woke up, got ready, got dressed
    • Went out with my parents to do some grocery shopping at Loblaw and SuperStore
    • Bought a bunch of random stuff and some random grocery items
    • Came home, had a late lunch with mom and dad
    • Relaxed for a bit
    • Changed and went to work early
    • Did some chores around the store for a bit and chatted with Ricardo about work and stuff
    • Worked for 8 hours, such a long 8 hours
    • James came in to work and we chatted and what not
    • He left, work went on, 11pm rolls around
    • Jim gets to work, I leave work
    • Come home, eat dinner, relax, YouTube, clean off all my nails, trim up my nails
    • Bread.


  8. August 25, 2013 | Day 358

    I already planned to get up early this morning to clean my car but 30 minutes before my alarm….why? It was a good choice though because it was super nice out and it was just sooo peaceful. I took my time and it took me….2h10 minutes or so. I also gave my brother and dad’s car a little bit of a wipe down. I came in, showered, had to touch up my nail polish because girl it be chipping. Made breakfast, Sarah came over, parents were there of course, we all ate, and then Sarah and I looked over some stuff for her future Macbook Pro. Yaaaaaay. So much excitement even though it’s not mine. We talked about some stuff and see what’s right for her and I think she’s gonna go with a 13 inch + retina. After she left, I…. what the shit did I do? I think I caught up on some YouTube and just relaxed before work.

    At work, James was there, Ricardo and Anthony, shifted Ricardo off, then Anthony, then I was on! Yaaaaay. I did not expect today to be such a long day though, ugh. No Fun. The first three hours went by pretty fast since I was with Ricardo and it was fairly busy. After he left, it stayed pretty decent until about 8pm where it just got so quiet. I got pretty bored that I just Tapped Out and even Pinterest. Also, wearing my old running shoes to work was a terrible idea. I need another pair of shoes…these shoes will now be for doing things outside or even going for walks. The new shoes Ivan got me will be for the treadmill, and the other pair of shoes I plan to get with Sarah will be for work.

    When Rezki finally got to work (5 to 11) I finally got to sign off and end the day. Got all my paper work done and bundled up. Sam was actually here so I went outside to say hi to him and stuff and then headed home. At home, I ate some shanghai noodles, some water, chatted with my parents for a bit, and now trying to focus and finish this and go to bed. Ugh. My back hurts so much. DAMN SHOES! bye for now.

  9. August 23, 2013 | Day 357


    • Got up, showered, had breakfast, get ready, leave for work early.
    • Go to the Bank to deposit and withdraw le money.
    • Go to work almost late but on time.
    • Worked and what not, had some deliveries and stuff.
    • Had lunch, Nancy got to work, chatted, did chores, what not.
    • Had to tell a kid off for trying to take one of our slushie cups.
    • Also had to tell a kid off because he was trying to buy smokes for someone younger. Most likely won’t sell him smokes ever again.
    • Helped Nancy out for a bit because her back was bothering her.
    • Stayed a little bit after work just to make sure she was okay.
    • Got home, ate a bit ice cream, watched some tv, Say Yes To The Dress and What Not To Wear, yaaay.
    • Catch up on YouTube a bit, and get ready for bed. Tune in tomorrow

    Tune in tomorrow.

  10. August 22, 2013 | Day 356

    I think I over slept last night, I was so tired when I woke up. My back still hurts which sucks ugh. I got up, showered, had breakfast, caught up on some YouTube, finished getting ready for work, and headed off. Work was the usual but I was just not in the mood. My back irritated me, people in general, just not feeling it. I tried to loosen up but I was just so sour today. I got a bit better as the day went on. Nothing really exciting happened other than us ordering a lot of Spitz Sunflower seeds from the Frito Lays guy haha. We got… 20ish bags? All of the Spitz! I did the cooler, changed one garbage, had to clean/squeegee one of the windows outside.

    After work, I went over to SuperStore to pick up a salad and some ice cream (a treat for myself), and when I left the store, there was a beautiful sunset!

    It reminded me comedian Kurt Braunohler saying “Hey guys, I haven’t been on Instagram today…. does anybody know if the sunset?” So my caption was “Breaking News: There was a sunset tonight”…. I’M SO CLEVER RIGHT?! I KNOW! I drove home the long way and on the way, I noticed how much I HATE it when people don’t turn their lights on….. Just saying. So when I get closer to home, I noticed I was very close to getting to 1000km! So I actually drove around my neighbourhood just to get to it…. haha. I make my round and then home and 1000km!!

    My very first 1000km in my first car. It’s very exciting! Although this 1000km consisted of just driving around the city and going to and from work, still very exciting. Retrieve all my stuff, go in, have a quick shower, eat my salad, have some ice cream, watching some TV, and now this and get ready for bed. Tune in tomorrow! More lame life to come until Monday.